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Hi, I’m Kelcie! I am a retired stay-at-home-mom. I live in a small house, in the middle of Minneapolis, with my husband, kids, and dog. I recently re-entered the workforce, and am trying to juggle the work-mom/life balance. I am always looking for a good deal. I enjoy frequenting the local libraries, parks, bike trails and many museums Minneapolis has to offer. In addition, my family loves to travel. I absolutely LOVE genealogy, astrology, and paying attention to spiritual signs.

Minneapple House was launched, in 2018, to share the adventures of my family. I look forward to sharing my stories and recommendations with you. Please, stay up to date by subscribing and/or following me on Facebook or Twitter. 


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My husband refers to the events in our lives as episodes. A new season has started, time to get caught up.