5 Tips for Twin Cities must visit Can Can Wonderland

On Friday night, we went to Can Can Wonderland for the first time. I’ve been wanting to check it out since it opened. Can Can Wonderland is a must visit in the Twin Cities. Here are a few tips:


An indoor, artist designed, 18 hole mini-golf course. The holes were very cool and the course was a lot of fun. If you bring kids, pay for them to Mini-golf and you can chaperone for free. We didn’t do this and it got pretty expensive. $10/per kid 14/per adult


2. Get the pizza

I was so excited that they offered something I could eat (health reasons make it so I can’t eat dairy or gluten). I was able to order a gluten free/vegan pizza. It was delicious. My kids got a cheese pizza. My husband eats everything and said both were good (although, he preferred the gluten free/dairy free over cheese).  We also got the kids some mini donuts. I almost sprung for the Loaded Mini-donuts, but we had already ordered pizzas. A few more fun food options, include: Cotton Candy, Popcorn, and Nachos.


3. Adult Beverages

They have a huge variety of beverages at a 36-self-serving tap wall. I only saw one cider on tap, but was happy they had one. You get a card, fill your own glass, then pay when you’re done having beverages. They also have a full bar, including Boozy Malts and Themed drinks.

4. Arcade Games

There are tons of old arcade games. From what I understood, the games are quarter games right now, and have a card slot (like Dave and Busters), but I wasn’t sure where or how to get the cards. We only played a few games because we had very few quarters that I found in my wallet and no cash. We plan to return to try out more games.


5. Karaoke

On Friday evenings, they offer all ages Karaoke. My kids had a ton of fun watching this, and my daughter wanted to go on stage so bad. Unfortunately for my very extroverted daughter, my husband and I are both pretty introverted. She wants to be in the spotlight. She loves the stage. My five year old daughter walked up to another little girl (whom she never met before) and asked if she could go on the stage with her. This little girl, we learned, is a regular at All ages Karaoke. My daughter can’t read yet, but she was very willing to get up with a microphone and pretend she knew what she was doing. AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE WATCHING HER.Image-1(13)

We had a ton of fun at Can Can Wonderland, and my kids now want to become regulars at Friday night Karaoke. We plan to return to check out more of what they have to offer. Maybe we’ll see you there!


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